Floored By Malaysian Timbers

Its beauty comes with age while its warmth and texture are almost eternal. Nothing beats the presence of timber in our living space and wooden floorings are stunning additions that provide a direct connection to nature.  As an environmentally friendly and durable material, timber floorings have never gone out of style. By Malaysian Timber Council

The benefits of timber floorings which are available in the form of solid timber flooring and engineered timber flooring are as follows:


●Long-lasting—Hardwood floors that are well manufactured and maintained can last for generations. As they are hard-wearing, they can withstand heavy foot traffic and active work areas, providing greater resistance to indentation and abrasion.


●Hygienic and easy to maintain—Timber floors are better than carpets which can harbour parasites, allergens like dust mites and fleas as well as dust.  It also does not retain stains or odours and can be cleaned just by sweeping or mopping.


●Insulating—Wooden flooring insulates against excessive heat which help keep floors cool.


●Good acoustics and air quality—Hardwood flooring does not give hollow sounds or vibrations and wood is hypoallergenic, thus contributing to a healthier living environment.


●Value-for-money—A simple act of sand and seal will bring a timber floor back to new again unlike carpets which may need to be replaced every few years.


●Evergreen appeal—Though stone and tile floors are also hygienic and easy to maintain, they do not exude the earthy warmth that timbers provide and when it comes to ‘floor fashion’, timber floors win hands down against carpets, linoleum and even granite and marble.


As other types of floors began to look dull and worn, hardwood flooring will still retain its beauty and become more valuable over time. A wide range of Malaysian hardwood flooring is available for use in homes, offices, showrooms, indoor sports arenas, and restaurants. These timber floors are versatile enough to be paired with virtually any other building material and colour palette for a lovely interior.

Among the popular timber species used for the manufacturing of Malaysian hardwood flooring are Balau, Dark Red Meranti, Light Red Meranti, Kempas, Merbau, Red Balau, Rubberwood, Bintangor, Keranji, Merpauh, Sepetir, Mempisang and Nyatoh.

These timbers come in a wide range of colours that easily attract buyers. Besides the variations in their natural colours, the sapwood of many species can be much lighter than the heartwood, providing for both light- and dark-coloured boards. Even within a tree, large colour variations can occur providing a visual feast when the timber pieces are assembled.

Malaysia has long been known as a major producer of high-quality timber flooring whose products are exported to highly discerning markets with stringent requirements such as Europe, the United States, Australia, and Japan. Buyers opt for either conventional solid strips and parquet flooring or engineered flooring.

Malaysian timber floors are specifically milled. Attractive and sturdy, hardwood floorings also provide a look of spaciousness. 

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