Plant modernizations are becoming more important for wood-based panel producers worldwide. Eppingen-based machine and plant manufacturer DIEFFENBACHER is collaborating with customers on innovative modernization solutions that can help customers keep their plants competitive far into the future.


Muhtar Suhaili, 39, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) effective 1 November 2020.


The moulder series is designed and engineered to provide flexibility, while reducing machining time. It features a fast feeding speed of 24m/min and is equipped with a 6,000 RPM spindle to meet high-speed requirements.


The new fully automatic line of two double end tenoners integrates the latest technology for automated loading and unloading systems. With the use of overhead vacuum clamps at the infeed and outfeed of the line, workpieces are smoothly driven into the tenoners. 


The Venture 115 is a new five-axis CNC machine which is constructed based on compact technology and can almost achieve 360-degree automatic handling. The machine can be accessed from all sides, thanks to the new safety Technology.

However, the five-axis machine is just one of nine possible configurations in this series. There are also three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis entry-level solutions available for horizontal CNC processing. The machine can be commissioned within one day, requires only a compact installation area that has been reduced by up to 15 percent, and offers the correct performance levels for any requirement.



The AvanTech is a drawer system that meets the most exacting design aspirations inside furniture. It cuts a fine figure with perfect sleek lines, sharply rounded edges and no cover caps or holes whatsoever in the drawer side profile. High quality aluminium creates an impressively purist look. On the performance side, this drawer system scores with unequalled running action, exceptional stability and precision reveal alignment.

The drawer system  also captivates with its quiet, quality sounding running action as well as its noticeably firm fit on the new Actro 5D runner. The runner permits outstanding front panel alignment with the narrowest of reveals which can be adjusted to the accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre.



The AM1030 is the helical planning cutterhead series which made from aluminum allow for the cutter body for improved performance and endurance. The planning cutterhead is fitted with L30x12x1.5mm knives.

The helical planning cutterhead is suitable for four sides moulder and it can be used to process various materials such as solid wood, plywood, acryl and MDF.

Spiral cutterheads are widely used in woodworking machinery such as in four side moulder, double side planer, spindle and copy shaper. At Tong Fong, we insist on providing high quality equipment that perfectly fit to your customized requests. Moreover, following the growing demand from emerging markets, we are now capable of offering competitive solutions.



The CHP 1300 is the universal sharpening machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to diameter 1300 mm. Its high level of variability and functionality makes it suitable for workshop-oriented sharpening of circular saw blades in wood, aluminium, plastic and metal processing.  

The robust machine construction ensures vibration-free operation and high-quality sharpening result. The four CNC-controlled axes guarantee accurate grinding of virtually all tooth geometries in one cycle, even for saws with axial angle and group toothing.

Other machine highlights include innovative control panel comes with 10-inch LCD colour display and multifunction handwheel for fast and safe operation; motor-driven hook clearance angle adjustment for rapid switchover from face to top grinding; optimum movement coordination for short grinding times and reduced non-productive times; automatic central lubrication included in the basic equipment for reduced maintenance effort.



The EcoFormer SLsets itself apart in particular by homogeneous forming of the surface-layers. It is equipped with two small fans in the lower sector as well as two slightly larger ones in the upper sector. With these fans, the wind speed can beadjusted individually and precisely at different height levels inside the wind chamber. The fans create the wind flow needed for the distribution of the surface layer particles. 

An intermediate chamber ensures the uniform distribution of the airflow to a perforated nozzle platepositioned behind the chamber. This principle provides a precisely controlled wind speed distribution inside the entire wind chamber. This allows the plant operator to save significant amounts of material and produce high-quality boards with low power consumption.

Furthermore, the new forming system is maintenance-friendly due to the fact that it is easily accessible. The short and round wind nozzles minimize possible dust deposits and simplify the cleaning of the system. As a result, shut-down times are reduced whilesystem availabilityand productivity of the plant improved.


The machining centre is equipped with a pin-table and two 5-axis working unit. The torque support is fixed to the working unit where additional heads from the tool magazine can be used at any angular position. 

The milling motors are provided with a blasting nozzle which can be activated or deactivated by the NC-control system. Two additional slides for the units are located inside the machine bed at its front longitudinal side that can be displaced by separate NC-axes in the X-, Y-, and Z-direction. On each unit slide there are two milling-drilling motors with fixed tools that can be placed separately of each other. 

The automatic chain changer for 60 tools is installed inside the portal housing behind the working unit. A cover hood protects the tool cones from flying chips. 

At right angles the deviation within one metre is only 0.1 mm. If a working step is repeated in the same axis, this deviation will even be reduced to 0.05 mm.

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