Industry 4.0 is lauded as the natural next step for the manufacturing industry, but its adoption, especially in Asia, has been slow. Despite the apparent benefits, the most important question…

Going Autonomous In Maintenance

Saving Costs With AIS

Responding To The EUTR

When investigating psychological differences, wood is usually compared to carpets, glass, leather, stone, or plastic but is not compared to a visually similar material such as laminate. This study is…

Checking Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Malaysian Manufacturers

To Buy Or Not To Buy

IMA and Schelling Join Hands to Create Brilliant

The integration of electronics and wood is an interesting research area due to the increasing interest to add functionality into various wooden products. By using brush-painting and photonic sintering of…

Heat Pump Dryers Offer Real Potential to Slash Industrial Drying Costs

The Sweet Future

When Dust Can Kill

Selective cutting methods are likely to result in a trade-off between biodiversity conservation and timber production. In forestry, the trade-off between wood production and non-timber benefits has been examined to…

Forest Certification In Russia

Turning To Secondary Timber Species

From the Earth for a Better Earth

Countries worldwide have launched various initiatives and adopted certification schemes to ensure the responsible and sustainable management and utilisation of forest. To fully understand the meaning of “sustainability”, one should…

Environmental Emissions From Sawmilling

Following The Peninsular Malaysia Footprint

Malaysia Goes Green

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