Is automation the answer to labour shortage in Malaysia? How big is the custom made furniture market in China? What effects does improving Euro zone economies have on timber and…

Global Timber Markets Snapshots

Wood Trends In Furniture

Exciting News For Wood

In a changing and inherently unpredictable world, there is a need to define a forest management framework that allows both a comprehensive vision of forest dynamics, as well as an…

Hardwood: Past, Present& Future

Striving For Perfection Through Service Quality

Carbon Vs Timber Management: A Case Study From China

Sustainable manufacturing is connected with the effectiveness of production processes. Use mathematical model of the key processes to maximise productivity and cost reduction by identifying key processes and parameters influencing…

Technologies In Focus

Toughening Up Laminated Birch Wood Composite

Stopping The Crack In Laminated Wood Composite

Inventory management systems and dynamic reliability measures and controls remain challenging at every stage, especially when time variances and operating conditions are considered. A novel, reliability-based robust design optimisation model…

Touching Wood

Greenery: Symbol Of New Beginnings

Effects of Decorative Veneer and Structure on the Thermal Conductivity of Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood is a natural, sustainable and recyclable material with a wide range of applications. It is very popular and to be proven as sustainable construction material. With a shortage of…

Rising From The Ashes

Reducing Forest Residue Volume

Sustainable Forest Development In Borneo

Countries worldwide have launched various initiatives and adopted certification schemes to ensure the responsible and sustainable management and utilisation of forest. To fully understand the meaning of “sustainability”, one should…

Environmental Emissions From Sawmilling

Following The Peninsular Malaysia Footprint

Malaysia Goes Green

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