Industry 4.0 is lauded as the natural next step for the manufacturing industry, but its adoption, especially in Asia, has been slow. Despite the apparent benefits, the most important question…

Going Autonomous In Maintenance

Saving Costs With AIS

Responding To The EUTR

The sustainable competitive advantages (SCA) approach showed promising insight on furniture manufacturers in Malaysia and provides hints to what the industry should do going forward. By RosmainiTasmin and AliyuAlhaji Abu…

To Buy Or Not To Buy

IMA and Schelling Join Hands to Create Brilliant

Future Towards Wood-Based Bioeconomy

Heat pumps have been used successfully to improve energy efficiency in domestic dryers but their industrial application has been limited. Researchers have now developed a dynamic heat-pump dryer test bench…

The Sweet Future

When Dust Can Kill

Woodworking Trends & Challenges

By the end of 2015, about 40 million hectares were certified, approximately 160 certificates were issued on forest management and 440 certificates on chain of custody. Despite the existing problems,…

Turning To Secondary Timber Species

From the Earth for a Better Earth

Changing For The Climate

Countries worldwide have launched various initiatives and adopted certification schemes to ensure the responsible and sustainable management and utilisation of forest. To fully understand the meaning of “sustainability”, one should…

Environmental Emissions From Sawmilling

Following The Peninsular Malaysia Footprint

Malaysia Goes Green

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