The global market closed 2019 on uncertain terms with participants looking at ways to navigate the turbulent waves and find new opportunities. ITTO tells us more about what is happening…

Tropical Timber Market Report

Tropical Timber Market Report

Tropical Timber Market Report

Forests are governed by a combination of sub-national and national as well as global and regional regimes. This study attempts to analyse the ways in which the selected cases of…

US-China Trade War: Will Malaysia Be On Sale?

Environment Protection Solution In Manufacturing

On The Edge

Several studies have shown the economic value of various ecosystem services provided by the forest. However, the economic value of how site-specific ecological conditions interact with other functions provided by…

Product Diversification In Sustainability Transition: The Forest-Based Bioeconomy In Finland

Wood Chip Drying Through Mobile Rotary Dryer

Sustainable Development In The Era of Industry 4.0

It is desirable that manufacturers of furniture products determine in advance, at the stage of its design, the level of safety when using certain raw materials. For this purpose, a…

Sustainable Development Strategies Of The Traditional Handicraft Industry

Interior Trend Predictions

Daylight Control In A Historical Building

This study aims at estimating the carbon emission from biomass carbon stock change in tropical forests of Sarawak, Malaysia, within the years 2005–2014 as a consequence of wood harvesting. From…

Wood Moisture — Induced Swelling At The Cellular Scale

Reduce Cost & Formaldehyde Emission In Furniture Production Process

Environmentally-Friendly High-Density Plywood Panels

Countries worldwide have launched various initiatives and adopted certification schemes to ensure the responsible and sustainable management and utilisation of forest. To fully understand the meaning of “sustainability”, one should…

Environmental Emissions From Sawmilling

Following The Peninsular Malaysia Footprint

Malaysia Goes Green

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