High Quality Woodworking Machinery Recommendation

The impact of the COVID-19 is gradually receding, and manufacturing industry has resumed production and operation, including woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturers in Taiwan. This paper will list some high-quality woodworking machinery and equipment of Taiwan enterprises for the reference of the insiders.


1. Cheng Kuang Machinery is a leading woodworking machinery manufacturer who has been producing planers and jointers since 1966. 50 years of quality, integrity and service, and still going strong. We have over one thousand units of finger jointing systems, small four-side planer/moulder machines, planers and polishing machines in operation worldwide.

Cheng Kuang Machinery, also branded as CKM, has been manufacturing woodworking planers and jointers since 1966. Their product supply includes from the simple stand-alone planing and jointing machine to the full finger jointing line and furniture production line. 

Over 50 years of experiences has allowed CKM to accumulate much knowledge in refining it machines to the top quality and the company has allocated research effort on producing high precision for gluing and jointing, simplified planing process but aesthetic standards on smooth surface, to constructing a fluent and efficient furniture automated production line. 

The horizontal finger jointing line FHL-120 is one of the remarks from CKM research effort, with fully automated process and high speed and focusing strong on delivering a quick and high production capacity jointing work.

FHL-120 Horizontal finger shaping Line

Fully automated operation!

High speed!

Single chain drive to eliminate run-out problem!

Horizontal finger shaping creates better outlook of product!


Exceptionally Ideal for producing solid wood parquet.

Maximum Production rate 120~150 pcs/min.

Double sides pressing on assemble press.



GN SHORT PIECE SERIES is specializing for the short woodpiece, the minimum planing length to 120mm! In front of the machine, there are automatic chain type feed machine (with 3m conveyer) which the short stocks are fed fast and conveniently. Also, the feeding speed of the machine up to 60m/min increasing the productivity. This machine employ groove guide table provides an accurate feeding path, which is especially helpful when working on short or warped stock, and ensuring perfect straightness precision. Pneumatic side pressure board before left spindle which fully eliminate unsmooth problem when feeding short or narrow stock and the pressure board is easy to adjust. Furthermore, this machine is dual purposes moulder to suit for both regular application and short woodpiece by exchanging tool only.

Whether you produce complicated or simple profile moulding at high production rate, GN series offer unbeatable accuracy and productivity.



The ALL-NEW Anderson MLS; MULTI-BUNK LOADER SYSTEM is designed to Load a full sheet of manmade material, chosen from either 2, 4, or 6 available pre-staged bundles of  materials.  This is done using the same controller system as operates the CNC Router.  So, there is not an additional controller system, with the added maintenance, learning curve, or communication issues that other more needlessly complicated multiple controller designs could have.  This design allows for the loading of full bunks of material up to 1200mm overall height.  Then our unique loading system LIFTS the panel & places it unto the staging conveyor, instead of dragging it, increasing its speed and reliability.   Material Squaring posts are included to allow for all material loading do be done from either side of the machine.  System can be set up to accept material from either the Operator’s side or the opposite side of the machine.  Machine & Loader are on separate safety circuits.  The MLS can be Loaded, Unloaded, or Reloaded without interrupting production.

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