Peruvian Wood Exports Dropped In 2023

Peruvian wood exports in 2023 reached US$100.9 million, a drop of 20% compared to the previous year (US$126.5 million) and represented just 0.1% of total national export shipments to the world according to the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

The manager of the ADEX Services and Extractive Industries unit, Lucía Rodríguez Zunino, highlighted the need to implement measures that encourage investment to take advantage of the full potential of resources in the Amazon region of the country. She added “regulations are required to promote the development of the timber sector as it is one that generates the most jobs per million dollars exported.

Last year there were around 20,000 jobs supported by the sector in areas far from cities and the industries there added value to Peruvian forests which, she added, is the best way to ensure their survival.

According to data from the ADEX Data Trade Intelligence System, despite suffering a 16% drop sawn wood (US$42.3 million) was the main product exported, accounting for 42% of the total. In second place were semi-manufactured products (US$34.8 million) but export earnings were down 38% in 2023. The main item in this category was profiled wood except Ipé (US$15.3 million).

Others categories were construction products (US$5.5 million), firewood and charcoal (US$5.4 million), manufactured products (US$4.3 million), furniture and its parts (US$4.1 million), veneer and plywood (US$2.4 million), among others.

The most notable destinations were China (US$19.9 million), France (US$13.9 million), Mexico (US$13.7 million), Dominican Republic (US$11.8 million) and the USA (US$ 9.5 million). Completing the top ten export destinations were Vietnam, Ecuador, Belgium, Denmark and Chile.

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