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managing director
Another Sunrise Kenneth Tan

Jackie Wong
Lim Ai Teng
T raditional handicraft is on a decline and the furniture industry is obviously graphic designer
assistant editor
Sandy Sun
feeling its effect.
For many years now, the industry has been facing a crunch of skilled
Lu Ying
labour, and maybe more importantly, a lack of young people who are willing or business manager
interested in learning the trade. Ding Yongmei
In a time where the focus is on industrial optimisation and effciency, mass marketing assistant
Wasabi Liu
production has become the norm. That does not mean there is no demand for
handcrafted products. operations executive
In fact, there has been a resurgence in the interest for bespoke, non-mass-
produced products, but this is in a way curtailed by the lack of accessibility and circulation executive
Steven Sheng

information, and cost.
Perhaps, the handicraft sector just needs a more consorted boost to kickstart ITTO
Shiv Kumar Shet
a revival. Michael Hermens
Kuo-Kuang Fan
Trade tension has continued to cast a shadow on furniture trade, but instead Ting-Ting Feng
of sitting back, many countries are now stepping up their efforts to navigate this Kim Taeho
Cristiane Karyn de Carvalho Araújo
changing landscape. Rodrigo Salvador
Cassiano Moro Piekarski
This will no doubt present more opportunities for Southeast Asian countries, Carla Cristiane Sokulski
Antonio Carlos de Francisco
that at the moment, seem a likely benefciary of the current situation. Sâmique Kyene de Carvalho Araújo Camargo

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