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46 Reduce Cost & Formaldehyde Emission In
Furniture Production Process Regulars
In order to reduce production costs and formaldehyde emissions,
the research is conducted to improve the production process in the
South Korean furniture industry by reducing the amount of medium- 06 Editorial
density fbreboard. By Kim Taeho, Incheon National University QUALITY MANUFACTURING NEEDS
08 industry news FOR INDONESIA’S RISING
65 calendar of Events
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66 numbers.

52 Events & Exhibitions
Exhibition Preview
58 CIFF Shanghai 2019
52 Circular Economy Practices On Wood Panels 61 VietnamWood 2019
The scarcity of natural resources and the generation of waste 63 interzum guangzhou 2020
without adequate disposal are a worldwide concern related to the
linear production model. Faced with this problem, the study aimed
to identify circular economy (CE) practices in the waste management 58
of wood panel production processes and the possibilities for
implementing new practices that incorporate circularity concepts.
By Cristiane Karyn de Carvalho Araújo, Rodrigo Salvador, Cassiano
Moro Piekarski, Carla Cristiane Sokulski and Antonio Carlos de
Francisco, Federal University of Technology, Sâmique Kyene de
Carvalho Araújo Camargo, São Paulo State University (UNESP)

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