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september/october 2019 • VOL. 31 NO.5

16 Environment Protection Solution In Manufacturing
Environment protection and its solution is a wide and a very debatable topic. The modern-day manufacturing which has
evolved to very high standards is yet very vulnerable when compared to the constant changes and to the unpredictable
weather changes on mother earth today. By Shiv Kumar Shet, Consultant to FERWOOD & Mishma Engineers
21 International Events—How They Might Infuence The Supply Chain?
By Michael Hermens, Group Managing Director, APP Timber
22 Tropical Timber Market Report
The global market is affected by economic uncertainties such as the trade war between China and the US, and the imminent
Brexit. Southeast Asian countries are bracing themselves for the changes ahead, especially with new traction on the
implementation of the certifcation programs. ITTO tells us more about the happenings around the global wood market


36 Sustainable Development Strategies Of The Traditional Handicraft Industry
With the development of industrial mass production, the traditional handicraft industry is facing a series of challenges. The
current development of the traditional handicraft industry requires both external heritage protection of the government and the
internal transformation and innovation of the industry. By Kuo-Kuang Fan and Ting-Ting Feng, National Yunlin University of
Science & Technology
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