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From machining centres to tool scanner to optimisation software, we take a look at the latest innovations in the industry. By Jackie Wong


SCM: Machining Centres

The Morbidelli Author M100 and M200 machining centres feature SCM’s ‘all-in-one technology’ that meet the requirements of companies of different sizes.


The highly modular machining centres is run by the Suite Maestro software which has specific modules for every production cycle.


The ProSpace solution allows work space to be fully maximised with the absence of perimeter protections providing access to the work table from all sides of the machine.


The Just Quality eXtreme (JQX) 5-axis direct-driven spindle head ensures the total absence of vibrations even with huge material removal at high speed. Drilling heads with Rotoaxial spindle technology (RO.AX) and rotation speed of up to 8,000 rpm ensure quality work piece finish.


Rapid working/cycle time and devices that reduce idle times ensure 60 percent time saving in drilling cycles.



Okinlab: Web Design App

StartupOkinlab’ is the world’s first web application to offer customers a truly intuitive way to design and organically shape furniture before simply sending the data to a local workshop for manufacturing.


The design app, which was originally released in 2015, received an ingenious upgrade in the form of a carpentry data platform that should not only make the design-to-production process much more efficient for manufacturers, but at the same time form a new gateway to e-commerce. 


It is designed to optimise shapes mathematically and replicate natural forms and already incorporates manufacturing specifications during the design process for automated manufacturing using CNC milling.


To achieve this, the entire furniture manufacturing process from design right through to production is covered in a single web application. This is meant to guaranteethe functionality, aesthetic appeal and manufacturability of the furniture and enable series-style production of unique designs. 


Shelves, sideboards, TV units, chests of drawers, benches, room dividers and many other kinds of furniture can be customised in 3D. In addition, the price for the choice and volume of material and CNC milling requirements is constantly calculated and displayed in real time throughout the actual design process. 


Microtec: Log Scanner

CT Log from Italian-based Microtec is a 360-degree X-ray CT sawing solution that scans and reconstructs the internal features of logs to produce an optimum section view in real time. 


CT Log Computed Tomography scans and digitally reconstructs the internal features of the log allowing the assessment of the optimum cutting solution in real time.


It allows continuous, qualitative and full 3D log reconstruction. For the first time, size and position of internal wood defects can be accurately described in all three dimensions. Using the internal defects, the program evaluates appearance,  quality and strength and assesses their impact on the final products before the physical breakdown of the log. 


Sawing and bucking solutions are continuously optimised based on the highest quality and resale, allowing production to be managed according to real-time priorities.



Serra: Rip Saw

The pioneering design of the CS 600 features two 15mm-thick lasered and milled steel side members, with the entire machine being located in between. 


Only the chain and V-belt drives are mounted externally. The speed of the two separately controlled feed units with profiled feed rollers can be regulated using a frequency converter. The intake height is hydraulically adapted to the wood, and the large opening to the tempered saw shaft ensures easy saw blade changes. 


In addition, the shaft is supported in only two places and is therefore particularly precise and quiet. The central lubrication also contributes to this.


The compact, slimline design with feed and outfeed tables delivers excellent mobility. The V-belt and chain drives of the feed unit have separate protective covers, while various motor versions are available, from 22 to 90 kW. 


The machine offers short on-site startup, thanks to its compact design and because it does not require any further installation. The entire machine is transported as a complete unit, with the electrical box and saw motor being permanently attached to it. 


iBlade: Circular Saw Blade Measuring System

SawControl 800V2 pro by iBlade, a startup specialising in customised repair and service solutions, is a fully automatic control and measuring system for circular saw blades.


Various reducing rings fix the saw blades onto the flange of the machine using magnets to measure the following parameters when inspecting the saw blade teeth—hook angle, top clearance angle, tangential clearance angle, radial clearance angle, tooth geometry, shaft angle, kerf, body thickness, tooth length, tooth width and runout. 


The patented four-camera system features an integrated measurement method for axis, tangential and radial angles that does not require manual changes to the configuration. Optical distortions are also corrected using the software developed by the company. 


The measurement data is assigned to the appropriate tooth group thanks to intelligent geometry detection, and irregularities are highlighted quickly and easily through clearly structured reporting. The system calibrates itself fully automatically using the calibration disk included in the scope of supply and meets the latest ISO requirements.


Wood IQ: CNC Machining Centre

Wood IQ, which specialises in wood processing machinery for cabinetmaking introduced the BAZ 875 IQ CNC machining centre with two separate Z axes for drilling and routing spindle.


The machining centre stands out in particular because it features two separate Z axes for drilling and routing spindle. The working table features six aluminium benches, four of which are fitted with a 1,250 mm-long panel lifting device. 


The chip conveyor is integrated, and a hold down device is designed to ensure narrow workpieces are also machined in a stable and reliable process. The machine can be ordered with an LED positioning system. 


The drilling block is equipped with 14 individually selectable vertical spindles (8 on the X axis / 6 on the Y axis, 32 mm grid) and eight horizontal drilling spindles (2 + 2 in X direction, 2 + 2 in Y direction). 


No compromises have been made in terms of software and controls, either—the software used is NC-Hops, with its tried-and-tested Working Center user interface.


AkzoNobel: Wood Coatings

AkzoNoble’s wood coatings CETOL WF 960, CETOL WF 965 and CETOL WF 945 under the Sikkens Wood Coatings brand have been formulated with improved properties and dependable quality so as to help save time, enhance results and better protect wood from the effects of the weather. 


The coatings produce a satin-matt, satin-gloss or matt effect and give wooden surfaces optimum protection, a fresh look and a natural appearance.


A high level of transparency and a pleasant feel help to emphasise the natural qualities of the wood and bring out the beauty of the material exquisitely. In addition, flow characteristics, minimal microfoam formation, excellent blocking resistance and optimum sandability ensure that the coatings are ideal to work with. 


The coatings dry very quickly to form an effective water- and rain-resistant finish, which reduces the risk of water marks and other surface defects. Moreover, improved resistance to UV rays, hail and temperature fluctuations ensures the kind of durability and resilience that will give high-quality wood products a long life.


Merlin: Humidification Plant

Merlin Technology’s Orbit Wing air humidification plant uses Micro Drop high-performance nozzles to humidify air direct in the ventilation duct.


Unlike the Alpha and Core direct room humidifiers, this new system does not require humidifier modules to be installed on the ceiling or wall. Thanks to its reduced evaporation distance, it can be integrated with ease into any ventilation or air conditioning system. 


Based on the high-pressure atomiser principle, it humidifies the air direct in the duct using special atomiser nozzles. Wings are integrated into the system to produce precision turbulence at the breakaway edge.


The system swirls the aerosols to extend their trail within a shorter travel distance. Only 2.5 to 3 W of power are needed to generate a kg of moisture. 


The air humidification plant uses filtered, hygienically safe drinking water that is first run through a water softener and the system can also be fitted with a reverse osmosis filter and disinfection unit. 


An oil-free and self-lubricating hydraulic water pump pumps the treated water at a pressure of around 70 bar to the special stainless steel nozzles in the ventilation duct where it is atomised. The PID control mode of the automated PLC control system has also been designed to prevent overhumidification (condensate formation).


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