Enabling A Greener Future With Non-wood Particle Boards

China has long been a country coping with the formidable challenges of deforestation and desertification. As a result of the Natural Forest Protection Program, which restricts timber production from natural forests, and a tree plantation program, the country has regained some forest cover in recent years – but the challenges it faces are still serious.

The Chinese building materials industry, and flooring manufacturers in particular, have traditionally been major consumers of timber. With growing awareness about the importance of forest protection, a large number of flooring solution providers in the region have shifted their attention to using timber substitutes for the manufacture of particle board. Huntsman is playing a major role in this effort, helping many different companies make the switch to non-timber materials. 

In July 2017, with assistance from Huntsman, the Panjin Jijia Board Co., Ltd, a panel maker in Liaoning Province, China, launched the world’s first production line of formaldehyde-free, reed-based, particle board – marking a major breakthrough in the flooring sector. 

Enabling Panjin Jijia to kick off this pioneering project, Huntsman served as a strategic partner – helping the company bring formaldehyde-free, reed-based particle boards to the marketplace more rapidly. Joining the Panjin Jijia reed board project team at a very early stage, Huntsman provided innovative solutions and technical support regarding the selection of adhesives and corollary equipment. Choosing the right adhesive is critical to the successful use of reed in particle board production. A resilient solution is needed to ensure a good bond with the smooth surface of the straw. The Huntsman team also assisted with the trial manufacture of prototypes and with performance tests and assessments. 

Today, Huntsman continues to provide critical support to Panjin Jijia. With a close collaboration in research and development, Huntsman is supporting Panjin Jijia in a drive to reduce manufacturing costs and improve production efficiency. Huntsman’s team is also delivering extra value by developing new products with specific performance criteria, suited to the utilization of reed. 

Huntsman has a strong track record in the particle board industry and has been helping Chinese companies replace the use of wood since as far back as 1995. Since then, Huntsman has forged strategic relationships with many leading players in the Chinese flooring sector - assisting with the development of particle board using straw.

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