SOPHIA, Biesse’s cyber - physical assistance system

"Bringing innovation to the customer care system - This is the ambitious goal with which Biesse faces today's market. The company's desire is to go beyond the customary, to do more than simply sell a machine or a system, but rather to facilitate a complete experience that generates value for our customers," says Stefano Porcellini, CEO of the Group.


The vision remains the same, but day after day, it becomes increasingly concrete and tangible: Think Forward, creating innovation through integrated solutions that are sophisticated but easy to use, allowing you to produce more, better, and at a lower cost. A philosophy that fits perfectly into the revolution that characterises the modern era, driving forward towards the creation of Industry 4.0, the growing trend for industrial automation that integrates new production technologies in order to improve working conditions and increase plant productivity.


And within this vision comes SOPHIA, the IoT platform by Biesse, developed in collaboration with ACCENTURE, which enables its customers to access a wide range of services to streamline and rationalise their work management processes.


Over the past five months, IoT-connected machines have registered a 60% growth in productivity and the platform has highlighted that Biesse has handled more than 2,000,000 events of various types.


"The results registered over these first few months demonstrate how the services we offer our customers help increase the operating time of a machine and promote a proactive approach by reducing diagnostic times by 80%," states Stefano Calestani, the Group's Service Innovation Director. "It may have only been on the market a short while but SOPHIA is improving the quality of relations with customers who have benefited from using the tool. It is a quick and decisive support, which minimises waiting times previously required to deal with problems, and responds with effective and immediate solutions. This is the substantial opportunity SOPHIA offers our customers" Calestani continues.


The key value of Sophia is its predictive nature: the ability to anticipate issues and identify solutions to resolve these, thus reducing downtime. Biesse takes proactive steps to contact the customer before a problem can manifest, reducing inefficient wasted time. SOPHIA goes far beyond this. This solution is inspired by Biesse's desire to accompany its customers through a process of growth that enables the optimisation of all major assets - technological, strategic, organisational and human.


Reductions in production times, lower costs, no machine downtime, optimised production process, increased productivity, superior quality of daily work (thanks to tools that facilitate and speed up all operations and interactions with Biesse): these are just some of the benefits that SOPHIA can offer, and the advantages associated with this technology are only set to grow, in view of the ambitious platform development plans that the company has for the coming years.



SOPHIA is a digital platform that provides users with access to more machine information and initiates concrete actions to optimise performance and monitor the quality of the work produced, anticipating the causes of faults and providing clear solutions to resolve any anomalies. The data gathered and analysed by artificial intelligence is transformed into useful data to help optimise customer production and product quality, providing extremely valuable opportunities for growth. This information also provides customers with tools to prevent problems that could damage production. Thanks to SOPHIA, Biesse can take proactive steps to contact customers, reducing machine stoppages and inefficient time-wasting.



The flow of data is developed solely by the machine to network, never the other way around. 



Biesse's entire global service network is interconnected and has access to the SOPHIA web portal, ensuring customers all over the world receive quick and decisive responses and solutions. Through this tool Biesse technicians are able to constantly monitor possible problems, generating in real-time the solutions required to solve them.



Distribution of the SOPHIA loT SOFTWARE is extremely straightforward and rapid. It takes place through a dedicated function on an app called Software Distribution Manager, which, through a protected mode, directly sends the specific software package to the machine.



The platform consists of two powerful areas: IoT and Parts, integrated with each other. These are connected to two apps that provide customers with easy access to SOPHIA's capabilities.


The IoT - SOPHIA application provides the customer with full visibility of the production status of their machines, with performance parameters summarised historically and an overview of the machines in operation. Where a machine stoppage occurs, the corresponding ID code is displayed, with the relevant details if the assistance operations have already been taken over by the Biesse Service Team.


Parts – SOPHIA provides customers with the opportunity to browse through the documentation for the machines they own, enabling them to create a spare parts basket and monitor the progress of their orders via an easy, intuitive and fully customised tool.


This is just the beginning of a project with a host of revolutionary features, a tool that will prove indispensable in achieving maximum efficiency in working environments. Biesse strongly believes in the potential of SOPHIA, and has invested - and will continue to invest - in the creation products and services in subsidiaries and headquarters that are designed to foster the growth and evolution of new 4.0 manufacturing processes. 


Biesse Group Asia is hosting its open house in its permanent Kuala Lumpur tech centre on 27th to 29th June with an array of specially-selected technologies for live demonstrations. In addition, there will be a dedicated seminar and demonstration on SOPHIA. Contact Biesse’s local team in Asia at Enquiry.Asia@biesse for more information.

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