Development Trend Of Custom Furniture

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and the rise of the real estate industry, customers have put forward a lot of personalized requirements on the housing decoration style, rather than being satisfied with the previous popular design. Thus, this trend has created a huge market space for the development of custom furniture.


Currently, custom furniture plays an important role in modern home decoration. The furniture can be made according to every consumer's need, which combined with the features of environmental protection, fashion, delicate and so on. In the next few years it must be consumption hot spots on furniture market, preferred by post 80's and 90's-the mainstream consumer groups.


In addition, many consumers tend to show their personal charm and value through custom furniture, reflecting their unique taste of life and pursuit. Therefore, enterprises need to use advanced technology to create the furniture products with good performance, rich connotation and excellent quality, so as to bring the comfortable living environment to the consumers. 


However, the price of custom furniture is usually expensive, thus only a part of the high-end consumers will choose this kind of furniture, which result in the limitations of the custom furniture market. First of all, the material used to custom furniture is mainly the solid wood, and the board itself is zero formaldehyde release, which is very environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary furniture, custom furniture's style is more diverse, and each part of the furniture components need to be designed in detail. At the same time, due to the high quality of the furniture itself, the enterprises usually adopt advanced equipment and manufacturing processes with high technology, using CNC machine tool for parametric customization, so the cost of investment on custom furniture is higher. 


Secondly, part of enterprises' production mode, management system and design concept haven't fully kept up with the trend of the times, and still remain at the level of the mass customization and mass production, which lacks of personalization and differentiation. With the change of consumer groups and consumption concept, people will improve their requirement on the table/desk and chair, wardrobe, cabinets, sofa, sanitary appliance and office furniture. Besides, more comfortable and humanized furniture can eliminate fatigue for the users, which is more favored by consumers. Therefore, the enterprise should turn to the development of custom furniture so that they can increase their market competitiveness.


Not only well-known enterprises but also small and medium enterprises should enhance their technical level, improve the designers' working ability and change the traditional design concept, making professional custom furniture for other ordinary customers so that non high-end consumers can also have enjoy the custom furniture they want. Meanwhile, competitiveness of enterprises can be improved, and the market of custom furniture can also be expanded. In the course of time, with the popularity of custom furniture in the market, it will be able to avoid malignant competition between large custom furniture enterprises, such as disunity of price or custom standards, which can create more benign market environment for more consumers.

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