"Taiwan Business and Trade Show Webinar for Asia and Oceania-Woodworking Machinery Industry" is Coming!

"Taiwan Business and Trade Show Webinar for Asia and Oceania-Woodworking Machinery Industry", a new episode of Wood Taiwan Digital Days, is scheduled for Sydney time 14:30, Nov. 18th, via the web. Mark your calendar to reserve a time keeping yourself updated on the latest developments in Taiwan woodworking machinery and its community.

Ranking as the fourth largest exporter of global woodworking machinery, Taiwan shipped USD713 million of machinery for woodworking to the world in 2020, according to Trade Map statistics published by ITC, International Trade Centre. Taiwan has been a long-time supplier of various woodworking machines and equipment, from DIY machine tools to customized production lines. In this webinar you’ll have four presentations from professionals in our industry, telling you about their services, products, solutions, and insights.

HOON HSIANG Industrial, also branded as Sawyer, will show to you its wide range of wood resaws, with a wheel diameter from 600 mm to 970 mm, cutting wood faster from a single cut up to 6 cuts multiplied. Cheng Kuang Machinery (CKM), specialized in production of planers and jointers, will introduce to you its “Fully Auto Finger Jointing Line with Automatic Outfeed Stacker”. Salida, a wood sanding expert capable of raw sanding and sealer sanding, such as flat surface sanding, irregular curve surface sanding, lineal profile sanding, 3D carved sanding, grooves sanding, and wood grain sanding, will show you its advanced high-quality sander: SL-H2RB.


Cliff Chang, Standing Director of TWMA, Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association, who is also the GM of SK Global, will brief you TWMA’s latest digital “Buyer Guide & Directory”; it consists of valuable information of its members and related products to those who are seeking the woodworking machinery manufacturers in Taiwan. TWMA has more than 250 members, who gather over 90% of industries and related tool manufacturers in the field of woodworking machinery in Taiwan; it is the focal point for you to associate with professionals of Taiwan’s woodworking machinery industry.

Wood Taiwan, the one and only trade show of woodworking machinery in Taiwan, commits to keeping the global woodworking community connected and informed with the ultimate ambition to shape the future of green manufacturing. With more than 150 exhibitors expected both online and at the showground in 2022, the Wood Taiwan will be one of the rare opportunities to meet with leading Taiwan exhibitors from both online and during the show. 


Welcome to check WOOD TAIWAN’s latest status at: https://www.woodtaiwan.com/en/index.html


'Produce more with less', what a magic is it? No kidding, and it’s not just a slogan, but a goal that Wood Taiwan tries to attain.


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