Home Construction Trends Depending On Political Leaning Of Residents

While the population of the U.S. is almost evenly split between “red” (Republican-leaning) and “blue” (Democratic-leaning) counties, the same is not true for the distribution of single-family and multifamily construction.

A web-release from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has highlighted differences in housing trends which appear to be related to the political leaning of residents in the different counties in the US.

The NAHB data found that 61% of single-family construction is in predominantly red (Republican counties), while almost 64% of multifamily construction has been in the blue (predominantly democrat counties).The ‘blue counties tend to feature greater population density, and this, according to the NAHB could explain the difference.

Additionally, the NAHB reports growth rates for home construction differ between ‘red’ and ‘blue’ are different saying “ Looking at four-quarter moving averages of year-over-year growth rates for single-family construction as of the end of 2019, red counties posted growth of 1.7% for single-family home building, while blue counties posted a decline of 1.2%.”

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