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Malaysia Cuts 2020 Timber Exports Target

Selangor, Malaysia: The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) has cut its 2020 timber exports target of RM53 billion—first set in 2009 by the government—down by between 43 percent and 53 percent to RM25 billion to RM30 billion, amid headwinds in the industry, according to The Edge Financial Daily. 

“Understandably, we revisited [this target] due to the challenging economic situation, as well as the issue of labour and resources, [so] we scaled down to the new target,” the council’s chief executive officer Datuk Dr Abdul Rahim Nik said during a media familiarisation session.


According to Datuk Dr Abdul Rahim, Malaysia exported RM11.5 billion worth of timber products in the first half of this year, and is well on its way to meet its revised 2020 target, considering that total timber exports accounted for RM22.11 billion in 2016.


The number one timber product export is wooden furniture, which account for 33.91 percent of total timber exports, followed by plywood at 20 percent, and sawn timber at 16.52 percent. The top three markets for timber product exports are Japan, the US and India.


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