Vietnam Faces Illegal Logging Activities

Hanoi, Vietnam:Vietnam’s local administration and provincial agencies are investigating illegal logging in the Quang Nam ‘s protective forest, according to Vietnam News.

Trần Anh Tuấn, Chairman of the district’s People’s Committee, confirmed the ongoing investigation, saying that the illegal forest destruction has occurred in Trà Sơn and Trà Giác communes—some 70km away from the provincial capital Tam Kỳ City.

He said the district, in co-operation with provincial rangers, examined the destroyed area in the two communes, finding that four big logs were cut down.

However, a local source said illegal logging has occurred in the area for long time, with well-organised loggers and transporters. Local residents said dozens of big trees—with diameters from 40cm to 60cm—had been logged or already sawed into panels for transport.

The destroyed forest areas are under the management of the Bắc Trà My Ranger sub-department and the management board of Sông Tranh protective forest.

The chairman of the district said the case is under investigation, and a detailed report on the illegal logging will be announced later.

Last year, Quảng Nam Province punished several officials after illegal logging operations were discovered in La Dê Commune in Quang Nam District.


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