Uniteam Joins Biesse Group: Working Together To Broaden Their Product Range and to Push Territorial Boundaries

The  Pesaro-based  multinational  company--Biesse  Group,  dedicated  to manufacturing machines and systems for machining wood, glass, stone and composite materials 

(and  listed in the STAR segment of the  Italian  Stock Exchange), has  announced its acquisition of 100% of shares in Uniteam SpA.

Since 1991, this Venetian industrial company, soon to be part of Biesse,  has  specialised  in  the  design  and  manufacture  of  CNC  multi-axis  machining  centres  for wood  construction  materials,  machining of  advanced  materials  and  a  range  of  other  special applications from automotive to prototyping, among others. 


This union will represent a harmonious integration of synergies, according to the heads of the two companies,  and  both  stand  to  benefit  from  the  agreement:  Biesse  Group  will  further  extend  its product range, penetrating the "niche" yet highly-strategic industry of timber carpentry (beams and structural  façades),  drawing  on  the  expertise  of  Uniteam  to  enhance  its  range  of  products  and applications for machining plastics and advanced composite materials. This deal is part of Biesse's development and growth project, which has seen the Group expanding its business along external lines for some time. Uniteam, in turn, will benefit from the Group's undeniable international exposure and visibility, taking advantage of Biesse's status as one of the main players on the global stage in terms of industrial machines.  


These  two  companies  of  different  sizes  are  both  driven  by  the  same  core  values,  which  place innovation  and  technology  at  the  foundation  of  every  project,  and  consider  research  and development to be essential ingredients for industrial growth. Both Biesse and Uniteam will be able to exploit this fusion to their benefit,  whilst maintaining the individual identity and features that have led to their extraordinary success in their respective sectors.  

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