Swedish Energy Agency To Invest In Biofuel Production Research

Eskilstuna, Sweden: The Swedish Energy Agency (SEA) is investing SEK 180 million (US$19.2 million) in two new research programs to develop more efficient and economical methods for the biofuel production. 

According to KlaraHelstad, head of Sustainable Industry unit of the agency, investing on the necessity of biofuels is strive to achieve the ambition to transition towards renewable energy in the transport sector.

The programs are focused on the production process of the fuels that SEA considers most suitable for coping with the transition to bioenergy. In the short term there's need for biofuels that can be used in existing vehicles and the lignin-based fuels—the main focus of the research.

Sweden has a good supply of waste products extracted from forestry raw materials that can be used in production. At the same time, there are already functioning operations underway that can be upgraded to producing biofuel.

The research will be based on the knowledge and technologies acquired earlier on, but further investments and innovations for biofuels are still in urgent need to strengthen their positions on the market.

As the agency is going to support those who develop cheaper and more efficient fuels, therefore, researches focused on biochemical and thermochemical conversion of forestry, agriculture and timber industry residual products will be given strong financial support.


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