WWF And Rougier To Jointly Advance Responsible Forest Management

Paris, France: WWF France, a global environmental NGO, and Rougier Group, an integrated forest & trade company will work together in a three-year strategic collaboration that focuses on advancing sustainable forestry in Africa and responsible supply chains in Europe. 


Through the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN), one of WWF’s leading initiatives to promote responsible forestry and trade, WWF will support the company in maintaining and strengthening its objectives to increase the volumes of credibly certified products, especially through market links, as well as in ensuring its success in implementing responsible due diligence measures required by the EU Timber Regulation.

On the forestry side, the two parties have agreed to focus on:

•Development and implementation of relevant indicators for wildlife management.

•Establishment of effective mechanisms for local development in Cameroon,.

•Supporting the well-functioning of the anti-poaching unit (USLAB) in Northern Congo

•Enabling a better functioning of the local development fund financed by Rougier and contributing directly to local development in Congo.

“Key ecosystems in climate regulation, forests have always been one of WWF’s priorities. They represent real carbon sinks as forests accumulate 20 to 50 times more CO2 than other ecosystems.” commented Marie Christine Korniloff, WWF France’s Head of Corporate Engagement.



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